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Time Don't Fear Me Back

by Sims

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Produced by Lazerbeak


released June 9, 2017

Writer: Andrew Sims
Publishing: Sims Is A Business (ASCAP)
Composer: Aaron Mader
Publishing: Legend Recognize Legend (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


Sims Minneapolis, Minnesota

Life and loss and dance parties. Sex and love and fractal math. Sims wrote More Than Ever last winter in the wake of some personally trying times: death and sickness in his immediate circle of friends and family. And he decided that the only acceptable answer to big loss is big joy—urgent, defiant, unapologetic joy. ... more


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Track Name: Time Don't Fear Me Back
I was digging through the blacktop
I was thinking it was compost
took the train to the last stop
end of the sidewalk almost
I was running through the oak trees
thinking they were lampposts
no map for the backdrop
took a branch made the tattoo hand poked
I was where the steel weeps rust
I was on a concrete truss
where they're non too plussed in the non-deluxe
eon two-thou-plus
take your tooth out oou wow too proud you loud
make em blush in the rush of the neon lux
we're beyond love, we’re knuckles up
whipping through the streets
hanging out the windows

all in a day
my disillusion’s outrun it’s use
I cut it loose, look for the fuse
I wish the roof of my body knew that
time don’t fear me back
I miss the future, I don’t miss my youth
I cut it loose and look for the fuse
I wish the roof of my body knew that
time don’t fear me back
all in a day

I was pushing on my eyelids staring at the ground
swearing it was diamonds
broke glass, but taken back with what I found
though I can’t define it
the sound when my heel stepped down
feeling surreal piercing the silence
then the blaring of the siren
I was taken by the timing
pious versed biased goliath vs. science,
chirp who got the highest perch
die for compliance or die for the righteous life
sounds like the worst lie that I have heard
waste of my time on earth
my life is defiance I ain’t buying
making my mind so violent, vibrant
yelling I don’t think so
with my beats up
hanging out the window