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False Hopes XIV

by Sims

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On this installment of Doomtree’s False Hopes series, Sims drops 10 tracks of new material to tide fans over until the release of upcoming full-length. Production by Lazerbeak, Cecil Otter, Paper Tiger, P.O.S, MK Larada, Medium Zach, and Noam the Drummer.  

“He’s built his rep and repertoire around a fierce work ethic and a strong empathetic streak for the common man…The playful boasting expands his bootstrap persona nicely, and the whole disc whets the whistle for his forthcoming full-length.” –The Onion


released January 23, 2009

Audio supervised by Joe Mabbott



all rights reserved


Sims Minneapolis, Minnesota

Life and loss and dance parties. Sex and love and fractal math. Sims wrote More Than Ever last winter in the wake of some personally trying times: death and sickness in his immediate circle of friends and family. And he decided that the only acceptable answer to big loss is big joy—urgent, defiant, unapologetic joy. ... more


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Track Name: Pay No Mind
Said a penny aint worth the zinc it takes to press
Now we flip the V-8 in figure eights figuring which right to make next
Reminiscing on those good times
Memories burn bright as the tip of a cigarette
They say the dollars dropping go out and spend it now
Every red cent counts
Fight that good against the red threat coming to your town
Get that good debt cadet stand up act proud
Time to reinstate the great unifier
And aint nothing like a world war to put the fire to your feet
The tires hit the guard rail listen to the choir screech
Grab everything in human reach
Come and scab up the wound fair citizen
And in this rare time of need extend a hand to immigrants
Long as the credit's good and they don't want nothin
Come and assimilate while the marketplace is buckling
But once it's back to pax americana
Pack up yo son baby back up yo daughter
Get back across the border that there's an order
Home of the xenophobe land of the slaughter
But until that day it's all hands on deck
Man we're taking on water it's a fight against the tide
Fight against terror like the fight against time but it's online
Bring yo wallet to the frontline and hold the perimeter
All in together now
Flickering images of Rosie the Riveter
Except the labors coming cheaper from the prisoners
So that's not quite applicable but you get the point
These times are pivotal do what you gotta do
Details omit able ethics forgettable
Keep this place livable send the help to the roof
Fix that leak man it's drippin on they suits

They send the tax back in the checks they go buy
And pay no mind
Keep it rollin keep the factories open on time
I see they drew that line

There goes the great rally cry from the top of the valley
An over romanticized plea
Everybody pitch in, freedom costs a fee
Holler caustically we need you
But not as much as you need me